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Ed Turbush, CFP

Edward Jones

Easy to use interface, simple sign-up process, and a great price is everything my clients need.

Kelly Kopp, CFO

Dustin Construction

401KInABox has compliance experts we can trust. I recommend them for easy, hands-off, plan administration.

Andrew Gerner, CFP

TG Advisors

The easy-to-use design of 401KInABox provides me with a cost-effective solution for my client’s retirement needs.

Barrett Penan, CPA

Penan & Scott, P.C.

Lee and her team know exactly what we [the CPA] need to provide our clients to maximize their tax situation. Thank you!

Try our Retirement Plan Calculator

How It Works

Financial Advisors can set up a 401k Plan with ease and simplicity.

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Create your advisor account. Manage and set up new plans.

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Your client gives their authorization and payment method. Done!


Advisor Centric

401KInABox is focused entirely on the advisor sold 401k plan market. The platform features a portal for managing plans and a totally web-based sign-up, onboarding and payment process. Advisors bring their recordkeeper of choice to the table, as well as their own investment lineup.


Simple + Low Cost

This fin-tech 401k TPA solution is built to smooth out the burden that advisors experience on small plans. What you get is simplified administration that makes retirement plans easy for employers and advisors while offering the lowest in administration cost this industry has ever seen.


Bring Your Own Recordkeeper

The initial plan services launched are solo 401k, safe harbor 401k and small business cash balance plans. The full score of services will expand to specialized TPA products available to all unbundled 401k recordkeepers.

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Simple Pricing

Low monthly cost and a one time set up fee



+ $1 per participant

  • Safe Harbor
  • Payroll Integration
  • Online Portal
  • Form 5500
  • Compliance Testing


+ $2 per participant

  • Everything in Silver
  • Optional Safe Harbor design
  • Discretionary Match
  • Discretionary Profit Sharing


+ $3 per participant

  • Everything in Gold
  • Eligibility management
  • Excluded Compensation
  • Company or Division based Benefits

Need complex? Go outside the box

Solo 401k, class-based allocations and strategic cash balance. We’ve got you.


Lee Bachu
Top 100 Women

Desiring best-in-class, expert-based, powerful, compressed administration, 401KInABox was birthed with the mission to provide the easiest 401k solution for advisors and their clients.

Previously, Ms. Bachu was CEO of United Retirement Plan Consultants (URPC), a national TPA, from 2016–2019. While CEO, Ms. Bachu grew sales & profitablility to record levels, restored reputational excellence, and oversaw an industry-leading operational restructuring. URPC was acquired by Ascensus in 2019. She has been named Maryland’s Daily Record Circle of Excellence as a 3-time Top 100 Maryland Women selection. Ms. Bachu has been personally invited by the President of the United States multiple times to lead the prayer on National Day of Prayer.

Ms. Bachu continues to be vibrantly active in her community. She is a member of the Council of Hindu Temples of North America (CHTNA), serves on the Interfaith Council of Metropolitan Washington; The Governor of Maryland appointed her to the Maryland Commission for Women, a Maryland authorized body that guides anti-discrimination efforts and women’s issues through informed advice to the executive and legislative branches of the Maryland State Government.

It is not often that we see game-changing technology from insightful expertise powered by a heart for the people. If we want a simplified platform entering our industry that can do it all, we want it made by someone who can do it all. You need to know this woman, unhindered by gender or minority standing.


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